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ALVA offers it’s complete glass and stainless steel production line to you with a committed lead time of 45 days or less. ALVA supply nearly 50 different models of extractors, filters, evaporators, distillers, etc. to customize your unique lab setup.

Lab Solutions

When you’re conceiving your new Laboratory you have thoughts, ideas, concerns, restrictions and the need to maximize your floor space. The process always starts with you and your team in a thoughtful manner as you prepare notes, sketches and eventually a preliminary layout. We ensure our folks not only know laboratory design, we ensure they know people and how to understand their needs from a common sense approach.



Expect excellent equipment maintenance service with a caring mindset; you deserve it and ALVA provides it.  Your successful project isn’t just our goal; it’s our commitment at ALVA Labsolution to you and your facility.

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