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Our goal is to install, train and service all your lab setup and production needs

ALVA Labsolution offers a wide range of services to our clients and assists them through any and all aspects of their laboratory needs.

Falling Film Evaporator
Falling film Control
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Stainless Steel Production Line

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Centrifuge Extractor

40lb/H | 90lb/H | 200lb/H | 300lb/H | 400lb/H


Multi- Purpose Stainless Steel Jacketed Reactor

50L | 100L | 200L | 300L | 500L

Falling Film Evaporator

100L/H | 200L/H | 300L/H | 500L/H


Stainless Steel Wiped Film Distillation System

0.1m2 | 0.25m2 | 0.5m2 | 1.0m2

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Glassware Production Line


Jacketed Glass reactor

10L | 20L | 50L | 100L


Rotary Evaporator

5L | 10L | 20L | 50L

Glass Vacuum Filter

50L | 100L


Glass Wiped Film Distillation System

0.06m2 | 0.08m2 | 0.1m2 | 0.25m2

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